• Great Sounding Theremin At a Great Price
    Price: $99.95

    Great Sounding Theremin At a Great Price

    This theremin has incredible range! The range on this theremin respects what I call the "arm length" rule. Most set up their theremin for a playable range of about 2.5 feet.…

  • B3 Deluxe Theremin
    Price: $249.95

    B3 Deluxe Theremin

    Housed in an enclosure built specifically for the B3 Deluxe line of theremins, this new housing provides 18 inches of separation between the pitch and volume antennas. As with each…

  • B3 Theremin
    Price: $198.95

    B3 Theremin

    Ready to play, the B3 Theremin is a great value. A true theremin has both loop antenna and rod antenna, this Theremin mounts on a mic stand (mic stand not included) or you can remove the…

  • Zep Theremin
    Price: $99.95

    Zep Theremin

    This theremin is the kind of thing Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin played in "The Song Remains The Same". The antenna is mounted on the end like the one he used. The Zep Theremin has a…

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