Joyo JF-16 British Sound Effects Pedal with Classic Brit-Rock Era Amp Simulator and Unique Voice Control


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JOYO in Musical Instruments

Looking for that Classic British sound of a VOX, Laney or Hiwatt for your next recording project? Easy! Grab yourself the JF-16 and you'll have all that classic rock "over the pond" sound nailed. Perfect for either a rhythm (top-boost) or lead channel simulator (if you have a nice, loud solid state guitar amp), the JF-16 circuit allows you to replicate the sound of these incredible amps, practically all of them! The British Sound delivers that 60s and 70s warmth and harmonic overdrive you hear on so many classic records.

The features on this overdrive pedal make it more than a tube-amp simulator. It's a tone-sculpting tool that Michelangelo himself could be proud of (if they had electrics guitars back then; he probably would have invented pedals). Using this Joyo for rhythm work, you can cover the Stones or Zeppelin no problem, and then just add a bit more gain to nail those guys' drive channel. The distortion benefits tremendously from the Mid control (many players love the Mid-Boost feature of the Vox amps, and you can't get that out of your stompbox with only a single Tone control). The British Sound has the full 3-band EQ, "Voice" control and the standard Output and Gain control knobs... Alter one or two variables and you quickly create a new sound!

The JF-16 has the Brit Grit soul with the in your face (Fuzz - circa Clapton or Hendrix) raucousness of those true pioneers of rock. If you know funk and rock guitar of the 60s, early 70s and beyond, then you know and can appreciate this sound. Don't compLaney anymore, get the British Sound from Joyo Audio, then reach back into the past (or your old record collection) for inspiration. Cheerio!


Achieve tone of the British Rock era amps with ease

6 Controls for complete sound manipulation, unique growl

Quality components, true-bypass wiring means no signal loss

Voice control allows midrange sound shaping between guitars